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Talented » Devlog #45 – Legends Never Die

Hello Talented Gamers!

We’ve crossed 10,000 Talented players on Steam just in time for the Holiday Season! It’s the perfect time to get nostalgia for the good old days when the Talent Tree looked like this:

Oh.. How far we’ve come. However, one thing was lost to time… Do you see those… Golden…

Legendary Talents

They’re back and better than ever! They cost 5 Talent Points and we know at that price we need to get them right, so we had two goals for Legendaries:

  • Legendaries should be simple but very powerful.
  • Legendaries should never feel like a waste of Talent Points (even if they’re not perfect for your build)

Here’s a few examples that we feel really embody this:

This one is for Wizard. If you have a lot of Knowledge Talents that Activate from leveling up, this is a complete game breaker – but nobody will be sad to get a handful of free Talent Points each Night.

A new Summoner rule-bender. Completely insane with Gravestone Builds, but still offers a decent amount of defensive power even if you don’t have a single Talent that cares about your Graveyard.

This is also a great opportunity to re-brand some Talents that we love but have had to be nerfed in an awkward way to fit into the power level of an epic.

Replacing Twin Strike, Coral Quiver can be what we always wanted – a true double shot.

Ah… the old Echomancy, back to its reliable self. (I’m sure no overpowered synergies will crop up from this)

Don’t fear! Any class that has an Epic upgraded to a Legendary will be getting a brand new Epic to replace it.

Each class will have 4 Legendary Talents, with more coming in the future. You’ll need to keep an eye out though – only 1-2 Legendaries will be appearing on the tree per run.

You Were Truly Talented

We have some changes to the Combo Meter coming in the next update.

Ever since the Game Pacing changes in 0.9 we’ve felt like it was too easy to achieve a Talented and Truly Talented combo, and it felt especially strange that there was no Combo Level increase at 500 and 1000 kills.

So we’ve fixed that by adding two brand new combo levels! Here’s what the combo meter will look like in 0.11:

  • [Skilled] (+10% XP) – 20 Kills
  • [Gifted] (+25% XP) – 50 Kills
  • [Brilliant] (+50% XP) – 100 Kills
  • [Masterful] (+85% XP) – 250 Kills
  • [Talented] (+125% XP) – 500 Kills
  • [Truly Talented] (+200% XP) – 1000 Kills

Keen eyed players will notice a few changes to bonus experience rewards and kill requirements too, we’ve made sure there is a clear increase in power from each combo level and we’ve made the elusive [One Shot] Achievement a little less frustrating to collect.

That’s all for this time! We’re getting close to hitting our content goals for this update but there’s still some exciting things to announce.

Next time I will talk about some of the new Achievements coming in 0.11, some Quality of Life features and maybe even begin to discuss balance! For now…

Stay Legendary