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Talented » Devlog #43 – High Noon

Hello Talented Gamers!


I’ve been wanting to say that for weeks at this point, and oh boy, is there a lot to talk about!

Cash Money

The Bandit has access to a brand new resource Gold Coins. We had so much positive feedback for the Archer’s loot mechanic that we’ve made it a fundamental part of how the Bandit works!

Bandit has a brand new stat called Luck. Your percentage chance for an enemy to drop a Gold Coin when they die.

Luck can be increased by learning the Common [Luck Up] Talents, so while you start with a handful of pennies you can earn some fat stacks later in the run.

But where will you spend all of this hard earned dollar?

Big Spender

There are two main ways to empty your savings account!

The first is the Talent Shop. Accessed through the Talent [Cash Out] you can go on a shopping spree – buying Common Talents, Rare Talents and even Abilities and Epics if you’re lucky enough to find them!

You can also slam that Re-Roll Button to re-fill the shop or get any unwanted options out of your sight… but beware, the price of Re-Rolling increases with every press!

The other way to spend your hard earned money is on Abilities! That’s right, the Bandit is Pay-to-Win (this is a joke).

Will you save up your coin to spend in the Talent Shop? Will you overspend and end up bankrupt at the exact moment where an extra use of an Ability would have saved you? Time will tell…

Shoot to Kill

But that’s not all… Every single Bandit Basic Attack will fire two bullets, and with some of their new Talents you’ll be firing even more!

What’s the down side you say?

The Bandit can only fire three times before he needs to reload his weapon – so you’d better pick your targets wisely as the enemies won’t wait around.

Never fear though, you can use [Reload Speed Up] Talents and some Abilities (more about those next Devlog) to reload faster!

Aaaaand that about wraps it up for this time! There’s plenty more to share, so expect to hear more detail about the Talents and Abilities that Bandit has in the coming weeks. Including some brand new Status Effects!

Stay Talented