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Fallen Slayers » Devlog #3 – Full Controller Support!

You all asked for it, now the game has full controller support!!!

I also tried to add a linux build for SteamDeck, but since I don’t have a SteamDeck myself I would love if anyone who has one could test it for me. This took way more to do than what I expected, but here are the other things I worked on this week:

  • AutoAim toggle as requested. You can either autoaim or aim with mouse or right stick.
  • AutoAttack toggle as requested. You can either leave the autoattack on or attack with mouse or right trigger.
  • Reworked the entire lobby UI to be more streamlined and easy to understand the player’s decisions on the combinations of souls, gods and pacts. I’m still not happy with it and intend to work more on it.
  • Redesigned pacts in order to really make a difference on character build, please tell me what you think about them now.
  • Removed unlocking for now, I’m reworking it all as it was not scalable.
  • Added final boss health bar.
  • Added player character and final boss death animation.
  • Added a fade transition on scenes.
  • Fixed HUD blinking after death.
  • Fixed some sound issues and not proper saving of the audio settings.

I am trying to do my best to work on metaprogression systems like unlocking and persistent upgrades and will redesign and rebalance pretty much the whole game based on that. I intend to have this done as early as sunday for players on the fest to enjoy it, but the most realistic estimation would be for next weekend.