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Fallen Slayers » Devlog #1 – Demo live during Bullet Heaven Fest!

Hello everyone, Ludomancer here.

This is my first game on Steam and I’m very excited to share it with you guys. The current demo shows a very tiny fraction of the gameplay I intend to try to work with, which is better explained on the store page. I intend to keep on updating it with devlogs and help with suggestions from the community.

Currently we have two different souls to try out:

The Soul of a Knight
The knight has good health and durability while being slow and starts with a melee attack that can be expanded upon leveling up.

The Soul of a Hunter
The hunter has better mobility and damage while having low health and she has a main ranged attack.

Also we have two different gods to choose and combine with the previous souls:

Ignifer, the Queen of flames
A “fire” goddess that gives more damage in exchange for durability or even damaging you depending on the pact you choose.

Borathos, the Winter spirit
An “ice” god that gives more durability in exchange for mobility or damage.

Both gods come with two different cursed pacts that allow you to make strategic choices based on what you want to lose and what you want to gain, also both comes with unique passives and active abilities based on their concepts.

In the demo you can try it in a very hardcoded UI I did just to see the results of each possible combination. For example you can go very aggressive on the “Blaze Hunter” build by picking Ignifer and the Soul of a Hunter, having more criticals but sacrificing defense:

Or you can go super tanky and get the “Frost Knight” by picking Borathos and the Soul of a Knight, sacrificing movement speed and critical for more defense:

Or go a middle balanced path with the Blaze Knight and Frost Hunter. You can then further these archetypes of combinations by choosing pacts that add more kinds of sacrifices and powers in return. In the future I want to explore more archetypes and possibilities with more gods, more souls and more pacts to choose.

If you want to be part of this journey with me, join my Discord.
And remember, leave no Survivors.