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When the Light Dies » Bullet Heaven Fest Demo Now Live!

Welcome back, everyone!

We hope you’re all having a good Bullet Heaven Fest so far. As promised, we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that our brand-new When the Light Dies demo is now live and ready for you to play!

The demo comes with a bunch of exciting features including:

  • 8 achievements: Gameplay milestones that allow you to unlock additional weapons and constellations
  • 5 constellations: Ability trees to progress through, each one with its own unique theme and focus
  • 3 weapons: The pistol, machine gun, and shotgun
  • 4 dark magic abilities: Laudanum Hit, Blood Contract, Dark Grenade, and Prominence Burn

As mentioned, each constellation comes with its own advantages. While The Ranger unlocks wayfinding, such as bonfire and chest indicators, The Merchant will help you with inventory management and up your chances of survival! If you’re looking to improve your abilities, work towards unlocking The Ancient God to gain upgrade rerolls, shuffles, and pins alongside new dark magic ability slots. The Night Owl, on the other hand, focuses on unlocking and improving passive abilities. For those of you looking for the ultimate challenge, attempt to unlock The Humpback Whale … it’ll be worth it.

We are so excited for you to give the demo a go, but most of all, we can’t wait to hear your feedback to help us make When the Light Dies even better! Our team has prepared a Steam forum thread for you to share your thoughts on our latest demo as well as any ideas which you might have and would like to see realised in the final game!

You can find the thread here:

We hope you continue to have the most amazing Bullet Heaven Fest and are excited to hear your feedback on our demo!

As always, wishlist and follow When the Light Dies right here on Steam to stay up to date on any developments and, don’t forget to stay in the light!

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