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God of Weapons » Big Update Now Available!

Hi everyone,

The big update is out now in its full glory. Here are the things that we have been working on for the past few months:

  • Completely new map system with various types of new environments.
  • New item combination system: Items can be combined to create higher-tier items.
  • The Armory room has been updated to be more cavernous. Now, the weapons you unlock will be displayed on shelves.
  • Many new types of monsters. Some monsters have been updated to look cooler.
  • Bosses have an additional version that uses a new weapon set (Axes).
  • 4 new types of Elite Monsters.
  • New legendary weapons: Knight Opener, Abyssal Cleaver, Builder Hand, Banner of Heaven.
  • New types of Shields: Buckler, Antler Shield.
  • New Consumable Item: Liquid Rainbow.
  • New Items: Elf Shot, Drill Arrow, Elf Shoes, Quiver, Enchanted Finger Tab, Candle Holder, Stomping Boot, Holy Relic, Maat’s Scale, Philosopher’s Stone, Wildcard, Box-of-Bomb.
  • Balancing the power of many items.
  • Updating perks for characters: Butcher, Crusader.
  • Updating how Shields work: shields scale with the Recovery stat.
  • 5 new languages: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, French.
  • New Dash Indicator UI in the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Many new quests.
  • Updates to how Range is calculated for Melee Weapons.
  • New Weapon Tag: Explosive.
  • Additional support for Steam Deck.
  • Many bug fixes.

We hope you will enjoy the new content update as much as we do. If you find any bugs, please let us know here or in the forums.

On this occasion, we are also proud to announce our bundle with the great bullet-heaven game Apocalypse Party! Get both games when it’s on sale!

Best regards,
AML team