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Bad Egg » BAD EGG Live Stream – Developer plays

A day that will live in infamy… from the universe of Shell Shockers, the ultimate egg-based top-down anti-chicken survival shooter arcade action bullet hell roguelike roguelite rougelike vampirish shooty game ever made is hatched unto you.

From the demented minds at Blue Wizard Digital emerges this eggpocalyptic eggxercise in ovum-related puns and carnage! Brace your guts, gird your loins, etc, as the highly mental craftspeoples behind titles such as Slayaway Camp and Plants vs Zombies let loose an avalanche of yolky carnage.

(Players of our fabulously popular web game Shell Shockers will find a special surprise in-game, with a certain special bonus crossover item and no it’s not Captain Marvel.)

[Stream is pre-recorded]