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Impaler » A Symphony of Changes

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a lighter, #5.5, update. This time we’re introducing 2 new upgrades, and a bunch of QoL and balance changes that should make your Impaling experience more comfortable and, most of all, more fun.

Here are the full patch notes:

Major Changes
  • Two new upgrades
    • Vlad’s Choice – your last shot before overheating the spike staff creates multiple spikes under the closest enemy
    • Symphony of Destruction – spawn an additional group of 2 barrels in another part of the map
  • You can skip upgrade purchases if you dont like the selection
Balance / Gameplay
  • Harvester has reduced bullet spread and slightly less recoil
  • Stomp attacks trigger more easily
  • Increased effectiveness of all healing perks by 20%
  • Normal difficulty healing rates increased slightly
  • Nightmare difficulty healing rates decreased slightly
  • Master Spiker achievement can be achieved with
  • Trigger finger upgrade is more effective
  • Laser sight upgrade is now a cannon-specific upgrade
  • Cannon has lower base accuracy
Audio / visual
  • Improved blood particle effects
  • Small improvements to recoil animations
  • Improved smoke trails
  • Homing projectiles follow a more interesting / less predictable trajectory
  • Camera now stares at the monster who killed you after you die
  • Improved muzzle flashes for the Perforator and Shredder
  • Clearer presentation of the different upgrade categories and better descriptions
  • Add missing padding in upgrade unlocks menu
  • Various small UI improvements
Bug fixes / Technical
  • Probable fixes for issues related to spawning:
    • Jump pad spawning on shrine
    • Offering or shrine spawning without its counterpart
  • Rare issue where monster corpse follows player around endlessly (probable fix)
  • Fix flying monster getting stuck in the “fall” animation
  • Improvements to the physics system to support future game features

That would be all for this patch. We are currently working on future updates, that would introduce larger features and new content, so if you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to share them on Steam forums, or our official Discord server.

As always, please share Impaler with your friends and leave a Steam review if you’re enjoying the game to help us reach even more players.

See you in the next one!

Apptivus and Retrovibe