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BloodDome 99 » 0.8.5 – merry Christmas and happy holidays

Hey all, thanks for your support these first few weeks. It’s really great to see all the positive feedback and kind words in reviews, on Discord, etc. We have been taking a bit of a needed break for the holidays but we will be back with some more content and QoL fixes in the new year. For now here’s a quick little update with a few hats and some Steam Deck improvements.


  • Added 3 new seasonal hats. They can only be unlocked in December
  • Redesigned the ‘trigger’ icons (displayed in menus when using a controller) to be more readable
  • On-screen keyboard should appear automatically on Steam Deck when highlighting text fields (email list, twitch integration). This hasn’t been tested on a Steam Deck yet so lmk if you have any issues

Happy holidays and don’t forget the true meaning of Christmas: capitalism