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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

12/9/2023 Update

– Adjusted Time Survivors review scale score up (and then ranking position) with recent improvements (need to spend some more time with it, really)
– Removed custom function generated social links, kind of silly to put them into a cell, then remove them from a cell, then put them back in code later. We’ll just put them directly in the original social cell and deal with it being ugly.
– Added NSFW to tag list
– Implement user control over expandng or contracting all the info available
– tied page wide into compact user preference so user can choose to keep them all compact as they browse around the site
– Added bestiary score to Fantasy Survivors
– Successfully implemented spreadsheet columns in the front end: notes_control_style, notes_automated_features, notes_supports_controller, notes_supports_controller_move_only, notes_supports_1_handed_controller, notes_supports_mouse_only, notes_supports_keyboard_only, notes_supports_1_handed_keyboard, Taxonomies, release_status, similarity_guess (taxonomy), control_modes (taxonomy), developer_or_publisher, features_and_extras (taxonomy), game_mode_tags, average_run_time, platform_compatibility, sort_section (taxonomy), notes_multiplayer_local, notes_multiplayer_online, notes_player_count, notes_leaderboards, notes_steam_cloud, notes_steam_achievements, notes_steam_leaderboards, notes_steam_workshop, notes_steam_trading_cards, notes_nsfw, notes_demo_available, notes_dlc_available, notes_soundtrack_available, soundtrack_links, notes_windows_support, notes_mac_support, notes_linux_support, notes_steamdeck_support, notes_other_platforms, notes_price, notes_developer, notes_publisher, notes_release_date, notes_fully_released, notes_recent_updates, date_checked, notes_included_game_modes, notes_game_mode_notes, notes_in_run_progression, notes_meta_progression, notes_content_by_the_numbers, notes_in_game_extras, notes_accessibility, notes_tutorial, average_run_times (taxonomy), notes_run_time_notes, notes_speed, notes_forum, notes_discord, notes_subreddit, notes_wiki, notes_socials (array with link), notes_ui_main_menu, notes_ui_display_and_sound, notes_ui_gameplay_options, notes_ui_hud, notes_ui_pause, notes_ui_level, notes_ui_meta_unlocks, some more