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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

12/7/2023 Update

– changed conditional coloring to php and implemented it throughout. caching this will speed up loading a lot
– Started implementing pin compare and user toggle/saved preference (based on feedback on the spreadsheet where it’s hard to compare games to other games)
– cleaned up css and sprite code to help things load quicker, less having to repaint, got rid of redundant styling
– made and added halls of torment sprite gifs from dev supplied sprite sheets, Phaige X, Artifact Seeker, Void Scrappers, Bore Blasters, TH3-M15-Guild from dev supplied assets (thanks!!)
– put in custom function on the google sheet to extract links from the various text link areas (social links, dev/publisher, soundtrack)
– New set of meta columns and headers to match
– Some modifications to the ‘name’ for some games because of issue with slashes in a name. Will work in a workaround if any of the two game makers complain, but their logo shows so it’s not a big deal
– Fully implemented pin compare with three options (big, compact, and no pin). pins to the bottom too, so you can look up and down the table.
– Fully tested and refined style interactions, so you can have an extra compact pin by browsing as compact overall, or have your pin fully expanded while browsing everything else compact
– Correctly finds the height before all scroll actions, on resize, etc. # and pins sitting pretty now