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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

12/6/2023 Update

– more prototype work.
– Added marketing text, critic review expert info from spreadsheet to the expandable area in the website
– Added more review/heatmap info and fixed styling
– Sprites displaying properly and formatted in review/description section
– Added sprites for HoloCure, Vampire Survivors from their wikis and Time Survivors, Spellbook Demonslayers, Rogue Genesia from dev supplied assets
– Reworked fallback images into a new little php function so it can be figured out and then cached instead of having onerrors clogging up the console
– Changed from attaching an event handler in javascript for clicks to coding it into the php template as well, to save the amount of script having to run (or even exist)
– Working to refactor all the crap shoved in here to get it quicker / cacheable as much as possible