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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

12/29/2023 Update

!!!! Fuck It We’ll do it live!
Decided I’m going to get this fucker out to start getting feedback, so focusing on some quick fixes. Was going a little stir crazy trying to handle it on my own, honestly. But I’m not gonna alert everyone or promo it yet, really.
– Revised loading text
– Linked a demo search query and taxonmy page in the loader to encourage people to try to load less full datasets for their first exploration.
– Loading area styling
– Implemented a minimize for the loader, so you can browse less obstructed
– Made it so the menu and search can be accessed before the page finishes loading
– Now that the table loading is a little more bearable, changed the header link back to the table from the menu open.
– Debugged some leaderboard shit, I think messed up when I started with ajax again for the expandables
– Created single page view for patch notes
– Created breadcrumbs and header area for single patch note
– Temporary patch feed redirect to update history page (which has a summary of them on it for each day)
– Added Our Tribe Above All to upcoming without demo
– Working on feed scheduling for the patch notes. Separated scanning from saving preferences and made a new button to scan for feed links
– Clear previous log file if it’s older than a week, Implement times_of_day, Implement start_time. Make a time selection dropown that lets you select to minute (so I can test it really), Implement scheduling_enabled, first import data from video game posts to feed table, then import feeds, figured out why logging is overwriting the start and fixed it
– Show currently schedule cron jobs in our scheduling settings. Shows, but still having trouble getting it to fire. will have to troubleshoot it later, the manual import works so I’ll just stay on top of that for now.
– Optimized patch note feed import by skipping all posts if the most recent one is already in. We might miss edited corrections or something, but it’s worth it to speed up the import like literally x10 in some feeds.
– Added “Taxonomy”, “Enemy Trap / Enemy Trap Event” to the list of terms (and gameplay tags) after The Games Detective noted enemy “traps” during a feed of Death Must Die.
– Styling and copy updates on spreadsheet header, mentioning/highlighting new website url
– We’re all in this together now !! Enjoy an active development hobby project!! please h lep
– Revised homepage to just be the ranking section until we figure out virtualization or whatever