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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

12/27/2023 Update

– Working hard on aggregated patch notes RSS feed
– Set a wider array of games to enabled for the aggregated feed
– Added Crab Champions, Devil Slayer – Rakasi, Ginga Force, Natsuki Chronicles
– Added Holiday Event tags to Westale: Peelgrimage, Devil Slayer – Rakasi
– RSS import now working! It scanns all the videogames in the database, pulls out their feed links (generated from the steam ID, with that actually being done in the spreadsheet in case people want it), then downloads the latest posts from each game’s update feed. It looks like they’re correctly coming in with the styled content, permalink, author, original post date, and featured image all working. Then I tag it with the videogame ID and name from the database (as a category so we can see all the updates for a game easily). This is gonna save me so much time checking different feeds for updates! And other people can sub to this overall feed too.
– Patch notes import progress. Checked off: Confirm Author Import, Confirm thumbnail image. Clean up cache at end of import, Implement number_of_posts_to_import, Table- Consistent sorting (The topmost item in the table is the next item that will be imported. The bottommost in the table should be the post imported most recently)
, Import All button, Import: Update Last Post date properly in the table, Stop Import Button
– Implemented front end views, started with feed updates on updates archive page. Checked: Add feed updates to updates archive, Modify loop to display both updates and patch feed post types, Create a wrapper for the posts from each day, and add a header inside the wrapper that says 
“mm/dd/yyyy Imported patch notes”. If update display as normal, Change header to have date in 12/31/2023 format. If patch feed note, display just Category >> Title, Add pagination for updates