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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

12/25/2023 Update

– Merry Xmas! Made a thread on reddit to gather holiday related game updates: https://www.reddit.com/r/survivorslikes/comments/18qnvg3/what_survivorslikes_and_other_rogueish_games_have/
– Holiday game updates: Sky Rogue, Vampire Survivors, Heretic’s Fork, Swarmcade, Xmas Apocalypse (the whole damn game!)
– Added Aesthetic/Settings tags to Elemental Survivors, Keeper’s Toll, Chess Survivors, Sea of Survivors, Spellbook Demonslayers, Bio Prototype, Time Wasters, Return to Abyss, Nomad Survival, Time Survivors, Yet Another Zombie Survivors, Scarlet Tower, Bing in Wonderland, Greedland, Bounty of One, Goobies, Army of Ruin, Shape Shifter: Formations, Soulstone Survivors, Forest Fire, Disfigure, Star Survivor, 20m To Dawn, Brotato, God of Weapons, Heretic’s Fork, Binding of Isaac, Reality Break, Spirit Hunters, Risk of Rain 2, Voidigo, Hades, Legend of Feather, Assault Android Cactus, PhaigeX: Hyperspace Survivors, Risk of Rain, Dead Cells, Whisker Squadron: Survivor, Crypt of the Necrodancer, The Riftbreaker, Loop Hero, Path of Exile, Returnal, Rogue Legacy, Cult of the Lamb, City of Beats, Enter the Gungeon, Asterogues, Ecstatic, Jetboard Joust, Peglin, Osmos, Dwarf Fortress, Rogue, Hero Siege, Beat Hazard 3, Grim Horde, Elden Ring, Godstrike, COD2, Bowerwhelm, GROSS, IDIOTIC, Beach Invasion 1944, Blooddome Classic, Breakout Survivors, GunDeck[100]
– Added CHUTNEY: Space Survivor to Released (Totally Free)
– Added Buns: Bunny Survivor, Centipede Gun, moved Just King, Deleted, Kitty Survivors to Released
– Added Etaine: Magic Survivor to Released (Early Access)
– Added HackeRPG to upcoming (with demo)
– Updated Nova Drift review score based on updates, this game rules. Bumped it up on the ranking due to new scores.
– Added To Do (possible later additions of related games): Tiny Breakers Camp, Metavoidal, Treasure Hunter, Danmaku Unlimted 2, Zangeki Warp, Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers, Drainus
– Discord: Reorganized some rooms, started adding announcement feeds for games to the patch notes channel, renamed to patch-notes-feed
– Added announcements feed to #patch-notes-feed: Survivor Mercs, Spellbook Demonslayers, Saucers, Bounty of One, Don’t Die Collect Loot, Core Devourer, Swordship, Jetboard Joust, Heretic’s Fork, Arcadium, Void Scrappers, Bore Blasters, Yet Another Zombie Survivors, God of Weapons, Beautiful/Sexy Mystic Survivors. That’s the max for now, I’ll have to figure out some sort of bot or other solution to pull in anymore than the default feed webhook max.
– Backed up the website database in advance of some clean up
– Added RSS link generated from steam ID vg_rss_link, vg_rss_enabled to control if it shows on the site (like if it’s for a dissimilar game or they’re spammy about it we won’t show updates)
– Added to defined terms (mostly aesthetic/setting tag explanations): Wuxia & Xianxia, Vector Inspired Art, Realistic Graphics, Art, Arty, Vivid, Neon, Cartoon, Anime, Cell Shaded