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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

12/24/2023 Update

– Added Aesthetic and Setting/Story tags to spreadsheet so you can filter by pixel art, anime style, fantasy, sci-fi, etc.
– Started adding Aesthetic and Setting/Story tags to games
– Added Aesthetic/Setting tags to: Vampire Survivors, Halls of Torment, Holocure, Rogue Genesia, Gunlocked, Boneraiser Minions, Void Scrappers
– Added sprites to Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood, Artifact Seeker
– Added Raptor: Call of the Shadows to Ranking in Progress (as a historical PC game to consider, it’s got stuff like gathering resource to spend between repeatable stages) and started scoring it / adding notes
– Noted DLC available on Heretic’s Fork
– Adjusted comparison scale scores for Geometry Arena 2
– Tiny Survivors moved to released (totally free!). 100% positive steam reviews so far!
– Added Watcher Of The Abyss, Blood, Fuel, Ammo & Speed to upcoming with demo
– Added DunJumb, MONSTER GRINDER ULTRA to upcoming without demo
– Added to “To do” page possible later database additions: Neon River, GTH 3033 – Grand Theft Hunter 3033, Superior: Vengeance
– Noted Shadowkin: Dominion of Darkness on the database entry for the main game (I think this will be a free prologue kind of thing)
– Some of the updates in this list from u/TyrianMollusk’s latest Rogueish release list: https://www.reddit.com/r/rogueish/comments/18q3fm0/steam_roguelite_release_list_2023_dec_25_dec_31/, others from my winter sale purchases or steam queue
– Added colored backgrounds to filter sections in the search and filter bar
– Added single update php template, mostly so there’s nothing broken accessible through the sitemap
– Deleted old key and terms website page since it’s using the ‘terms’ archive now
– Added Danmaku, Manic Shooter to defined terms
– Added pages and redirects in order to get the following into the ‘page’ section of the sitemap: Key & Terms, Homepage ~ Ranking Table, Update History, Website Sitemap, Scorecard Form, Review Form, Google Spreadsheet, r/Survivorslikes Subreddit, Survivorslikes Discord, To key and terms archive (terms): /key/, /key-definitions/, /key-and-term-definitions/, /definitions/
– Moved the search query field to be on the bottom row in the search filter dropdown
– Moved Reset button out of the first row and to the top of the search/filter bar
– Added subtitle description to the search/filter dropdown
– Styling fixes for width/etc of fields on search/filter dropdown
– Added new taxonomy (aesthetic, setting) to post types, import, and search/filter dropdown
– Switched taxonomy slug format from underscore to dashes, so ‘genre_tags’ in the spreadsheet is no longer ‘genre_tags’ in the url, it’s now ‘genre-tags’, matching other user facing formatting like for game-names. Will require some finagling to make sure this is updated everywhere, populated correctly, and not breaking the displays.
– Fixed display in the expandable areas for these taxonomies: average_run_time, sort_section, similarity_guess, release_status, genre_tags, control_modes. platform_compatibility. features_and_extras, developer_or_publisher, game_mode_tags
– Added new taxonomies to the expandable area
– Also put the genre/control style tags in the tag cloud area (they’re already in the table line but it seems good to have them here too for ability to check them over easily
– Adjusted font sizes in the spreadsheet meta section to make it easier to see differences in the section and ID number