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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

12/23/2023 Update

– Started notes on Gunfire Reborn (moved to Ranking in Progress section), added sprites to review section
– Added tags to several first person shooter games to aid in finding FPS rogue-lites in our database. There are a bunch not in here that should be, probably, like Vermintide, L4D etc. They’re on the to-do list for now.
– Added to FAQ (html ver, I’m no longer going to be updating the spreadsheet version): Why isn’t the steam review count in “popularity” accurate?, Why are sprites from my game in another game? / What is this sprite nonsense running all over the explainer pages?, How is the data organized? What’s the difference between the main, archive and search views?
– Added italic and bold formatting (italic and bold tags) to game blurb notes to match the spreadsheet
– Changed website template and scripting so the ID is applied to the tbody group (holding both table line row and expandable row) in order to more easily seperate the data from the basic table position (ideally so optimization will allow for filling and removing the data as you scroll so the browser doesn’t crash)
– Created a thread in the discord to work on optimizing with a couple folks
– Finished wrapping existing scoring guide written content in the proper html for the website
– More styling for the scoring guide. I think pretty much everything but the conditional coloring is completed.
– Added simple conditional coloring php, implemented coloring on the number values in the scoring guide.
– Scoring guide “done!” (at least it’s as functional as it was in the spreadsheet!)
– Created single videogame page views
– Wrote script to automatically expand the single videogame on landing
– Disabled compact toggling on single game view
– Created breadcrumbs and explanation text for single game view below the main content
– Made it so RSS feed is of the updates and not anything else
– Set up sitemap generation for SEO, might as well. Not really chasing search traffic or getting into any ‘seo tricks’, but someone might use google to search through the site so I should be friendly and keep meta tags good too
– Set up redirects so it does its best to bring you to the right game if you’re missing a word or something but typing right in the url
– Added written out permalink and contextual links to the game release info container in the expandables, to make it a little easier for people to find the link they’re looking for.