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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

12/20/2023 Update

– Reorganized column groups in the spreadsheet and in the form results spreadsheet to aid in getting the survey results quicker and more accurately into the database
– I’m still hand checking every bit of data in the surveys as it goes in, re-orging it into the right columns, adjusting scores etc. I think it probably doesn’t make sense to have a 1 to 1 representation in the survey since it’s already just so long. There will always be more info we can fill in.
– Gray conditional formatting in the spreadsheet for “unknown” to make it more obvious what games don’t have tags yet
– Styling fixes for meta rows to make them more readable, tweaked explanation text to make sure people other than me can follow it, re-organized as well.
– Moved meta note key to the meta row section in addition to the bottom of the key/terms
– Backed up prototype website and database ahead of optimization changes / possible host moving, etc.
– Basically there is just optimization and responsive design left (getting it to actually work on every device.) The filtering and all of the views work, all of the explainer info is in (except finishing the scoring guide, but that wasn’t done in the spreadsheet tab yet either, so ignoring that mostly for now.) Terms and Updates have their own custom loops and update correctly.
– Moved Ragnarok Survivors, Mage Lords of Brams to Dev Scored (Released)
– Scored Artifact Seeker by dev submitted scorecard and started adjusting
– Added price to Breakout Survivors
– Set prices for existing Free games to 0.00 to aid in sort by price on the website.