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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

12/14/2023 Update

– Needed to make sure find header height doesn’t fire and crash on single pages, so ended up refactoring all the javascript
– Split into three scripts, Fun parade (sprite stuff), table scripts, all Page Scripts
– That made it easy to make sure table scripts don’t load on other pages. Checked through and got all the dependencies, split on load event listeners into two, should be fine
– Seems to have solved some other note I had about the randomized header sprite on single page in the process, works now
– Added single page title to sticky header on single pages
– Finished footer so that checks off this next one: Populated all partial template areas (footer, sidebar, documentation/options menu, search bar.)
– Moved pagination to its own template file
– ‘Finished’ Heatmap & Visualizations page with images to click to see bigger and embed examples etc
– Made a basic 404 page
– Added meta labels to the updates page to prep it for import
– Combined all updates so there is one a day (previously there were a few days that had multiple rows of updates to make it easier to read in the spreadsheet format)
– Created update post type and associated metadata fields
– Created regular import job for the updates
– Did the initial import of updates, worked perfect, easy peasy. Will now import automatically every morning.
– Created terms post type, labeled meta columns, set up auto import, etc, imported 154 terms! That’s all the data from the spreadsheet finally now in the website! Now to style this crap.
-Made original fav icon (in google sheets lol because it’s.. funny. There’s a color space/profile issue but I’ll get it figured out later)
– Key/Definitions, Update History laid out. everything in there and styled
– Key page sorting correctly alphabetically now. Added anchor IDs so it’s possible to link to a definition directly.
– Made a fresh google analytics acct and hooked it up
– Updated links on the first page of the spreadsheet to go to the subdomain links (which for now are still based on the now hidden tabs)
-Fun Parade Wrapper: May need some sort of wrapper to control width in different browsers/screen size. added to Section headers, Pagination. Added fun to around the explainer pages
(Explainer, Key, Scoring Guide and Examples, Steam Tag Research, Heatmap & Visualizations, Alternative Terrible Scales, Thanks, FAQ, 404, Update History, To do list)
– I think that’s every page decorated with some random sprites now, will hopefully drive a little more interest towards the art in these games, which is really great imho