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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

12/11/2023 Update

– continued prototype work
– Created 4 widget areas (single page sidebar, filter nav, main menu, footer)
– Add “Documentation” (menu)
– Styled/animated pop out from left menu for meta pages
– Populated menu (created placeholder pages for all pages)
– Added view toggles (larger versions) to main menu for compact, pinning, font size and ‘fun’ (animated sprites)
– Added ‘in new window’ icon to menu items that open in a new window
– Responsive styling and styling for compact, zoom, etc for the new menu
– Revised always visible links to be the link for the menu (hiding some older links)
– Moved main icon to the left of both title and header links
– Removed more header info from compact view on small screens
– Fix masonry “masonry.min.js?ver=4.2.2:10 Bad element for masonry: #grid-container-undefined”
– set up filter/search in backend
– Started single page (text explainer) template
– Added sidebar, footer, different header to single pages
– populated single page sidebar with main menu
– added mouse wait styling when javascript is working
– made sure masonry only files if there’s an expandable expanded (via hash)
– removed some redundant javascript, added debounce/delay to others
– changed main link to open up menu instead of refreshing the whole database
– simplified some toggle code for the menus
– Changed out “unknown” for platform for items we don’t have info one, replaced it with Windows PC, since they were all found on steam
– Changed out ? for run time / dev, for “unknown” since the ? was breaking the taxonomies
– Added advanced “Search/Filter” dropdown panel to top of game release and info column
– Added sort by options: Similarity score, Total points, Combined review score, Steam reviews, Meteoritic review, Scale category groups
– Added ability to sort by any of hte 60 categories in the similarity scale (do have to pick one of the sort options atm)
– Added filter by each taxonomy Group
– Tested and tweaked search page, seems pretty solid
– Cleaned up control tags
– Implemented pagination w page numbers for sort/filter views