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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

11/9/2023 Update

– Added Highway Rampage, Never Mourn, The Unliving
– Ranked and reviewed Bing in Wonderland, Grim Horde, Forest Fire
– Scored Breakout Survivors, The Arena Pit, TYPECAST, Highway Rampage, Kritter by dev submitted scorecard
– Updated run time column info and notes based on dev interview for Nebula, Bore Blasters, Midnight at the Disco and a few others
– Added “Summoning Game” tag, not sure if it’s the best one, so far just on Boneraiser Minions, Grim Horde, and Keepers Toll (partially), and the others we added today Never Mourn and The Unliving. There are others that need it, I’ll add it as they get other info added.
– Added marketing copy / game descriptions to a bunch of games
– Very minor adjustments to some scores based on play