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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

11/8/2023 Update

– Added Spell Hell, Cozy Space Survivors, TYPECAST, Space War: Infinity, Risk of Rain Returns (should we just lump this in with Risk of Rain on the comparison score?)
– Ranked NeuroSquad – Slay the Horde, Saikyo Robots, Cozy Space Survivors, Power Fantasy, BeatPunk! by dev submitted scorecard
– Added discord links to every currently ranked game (finally finishing that project after we added the new column)
– Added run time as well as I could to all the existing ranked games, please offer corrections and notes on it. I know some stuff is technically endless but wasn’t sure to put that there or leave the “average” / “intended” run time that I seem to have found around the internet. (risk of rain 2 for example). This took a while to add to 100 games but I also bugged a lot of devs personally so thank you to all of you who helped me out haha.
– Updated review notes for just about every game already reviewed, adding a few notes to a few that already had little
– Added a bunch of related games (mostly top down wave shooters) to the “to do” list for possible games to add after we’ve caught up on the most closely related survivors-likes