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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

11/4/2023 Update

– Added Boons & Burdens (by the Gunlocked dev) to upcoming games
– Ranked Boons & Burdens by dev submitted scorecard
– Ranked and reviewed Bounty of One, Void Scrappers, Beat Hazard 3
– Ranked Godstrike, Asterogues, Jetboard Joust (from the bullet heaven fest) by research and a bit of play, IMHO none are bullet heavens.
– Moved Beat Hazard 1 & 2 to possible later updates alongside other top down arena shooters. Having BH3 on here is probably enough, though it’s the least good of the three atm imho.
– Ranked Beach Invasion 1944 (as malware), earning our first and hopefully last full negative point in achievements for just throwing piles of n-zi medals at you within minutes of opening which requires you to contact support to remove from your profile, a gameplay loop I never anticipated.
– Added “game design philosophy” to defined terms
– I’ll be trying to “review” two games a day for the bullet heaven fest