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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

11/30/2023 Update

– implemented some randomized sprite and link code to show off some game art on the site here or there. got some fun images from devs
– this random image thing happens at the very end after loading all the games, so I built the loading animation into it
– prototype; Implemented direct links with the format https://survivorslikes.com/#game-name. This will also work on any category or genre tag page like https://survivorslikes.com/genre_tags/naval-combat/#ruiga-pirates
– added functionality where it expands the full info section for the game. now we have a detailed link for the game! I think I can get away with not making single game pages perhaps.
– Spent basically the whole day on optimization and bug fixes and it’s still the worst optimized site in the entire world (but to be fair I haven’t gotten to even attempting caching or any real optimization yet, just trying to keep it from crashing while I manipulate 900 games of data in the dom at once)