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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

11/3/2023 Update

– Started reviewing GunDeck[100]
– Ranked Soundodger +, Soundodger 2, Missiles Away based on dev scorecard and started tweaking based on research (a fair amount on this one, but my fault for not having the scoring guide done.)
– Added Thunder Chase
– Added Dodge ‘Em Up to defined terms
– Revised scorecard form to remove negative response options for some categories where it would be extremely rare. Should help streamline the responses.
– Removed “Recommended” wording in the sidebar and bolding for recommendations. Was kind of an old remnant of when this was a more personal document keeping track of what I was into. Will further consider ways to direct people to review columns and feature comparison to make their own decisions. Will consider some way to note things that are very much not recommended but they’d just get lower reviews right?
– I have r/mowinggames but I don’t really have a plan for it. it feels we’re already pushing the edge of specialized communities for niche subgenres with this r/survivorslikes and r/bulletheavens but it remains one of my favorite tags and most descriptive of one of my favorite play styles. Maybe it’s a shitposting sub like magic the gathering circlejerk? idk
– and god help me I styled it.
– Reaching a dangerous level of exhaustion here lol but just aiming to have the scoring guide done before I have to set this project as my very part time hobby again and go back to real work next week.