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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

11/29/2023 Update

– Added “Content Rich” tag, will start adding other tags since we’re actually using it for tagging on the front end. I’ll add this one as I go through the “by the numbers” walkthrough (so far only 3 games have that done)
– Added “Why do we call this a wiki?” and “Similarity Tag” questions to the FAQ
– Looks like the sheet is too big to do spell check across all tabs now. Still works one sheet at a time, but we might run into this problem eventually just on the min sheet. Will have to be extra careful with spelling.
– Moved meta column labels to the right side of the sheet so they don’t keep blocking access when I have to open them up. They don’t really need to be at the start for an import to work.
– Tons of responsive design fixes on prototype front end
– All games are now correctly showing on the prototype front end, which is fun to see
– The site is a bit heavy to load with all the images and php calls, but once it’s cached the php won’t be as much of an issue. I like loading all of the games at once so search/filter functions will work quicker/easier instead of infinite scroll or pagination. We’ll see if I can get away with it. If 2-5 games keep coming out a day in the subgenre we’ll likely start having to mix it up and only show released stuff or something on the ranking view
– Filter views for taxonomies are now working, and headers for sections only show when there is something in the view.
– Moved “Very Different” stuff from the cleaned blurb to their own text column, have it shown and styled conditionally with the php now.
– The website now correctly sorts upcoming (with and without demo) sections alphabetically even if we put things in the spreadsheet randomly. It also now sorts released games (unranked) by steam reviews and then alphabetical if they have the same number.
– Replaced question marks in the tag column with “unknown” to prevent issues important the string to taxonomies
– Removed commas from number of steam reviews in spreadsheet
– Added “compact view” layout and link to header
– Added caching for your compact view preference as you browse
– Added a couple font zoom settings and caching for that too