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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

11/28/2023 Update

– Things are going well, so started migrating the responsive prototype to survivorslikes.com and set up a temporary redirect for anyone not logged in
– Added Magic Survival to FAQ
– Added r/MagicSurvivalTheGame to Reddit sidebar
– Fixed the slug generation column so it’s clean without any punctuation
– Looked at my steam queue and u/TyrianMollusk’s weekly rogueish list for new games to add
– Added Turf Wars: A Snail Escape, DemonCountdown, Swarmhunters to Upcoming without Demo
– Added Four Hunters Survivor to Upcoming with Demo
– Added The Dark Survivors, Ghost Bros to Early Access Released
– Added Dino Survivors, Spooky Town, CyVenge, Devilish Blind Date, GEOTRA to Released
– Updated Breakout Survivors scores based on dev survey for release in a couple days
– There are now 859 games on the list. Can they just take a break and stop releasing these for a couple days?
– Added vg_header_jpg, vg_library_2x_jpg, vg_library_hero_jpg, vg_library_hero_blur_jpg, vg_capsule_jpg hidden meta columns
– Pretty good progress on responsive design in the prototype for the image columns. if anyone wants to see the prototype in progress hmu, I’ll need to give you a login because it’s under the redirect on the main domain now. I’m really happy with it.
– Hid Printable scorecard tab, removed link from reddit sidebar. There’s so much meta information in the form now that it’s honestly frustrating to get an old fill scorecard. But I’ll probably put something commorating them up somwhere some day, it was really cute.