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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

11/27/2023 Update

– Added Jet Lancer, Arcade Game Series: Galaga, Space Invaders Extreme, Tempest 4000, Rive, Graceful Explosion Machine, Solaroids, Costumenaut, Goinund, HYPER DEMON, Laser Disco Defenders, Chaotic Pursuit, Last Meow Standing
– Made critic review excerpt and link columns, hid them for now
– Updated headline from “The Ultimate Bullet Heaven Horde Survival Rogue-Lite Comparison Scale!” to “Wave Survival” since many of these games have rogue-lite elements but not actually that many enemies. Also a lot of the classic arcade games they are influenced by and we’re eager to study/rank on the scale are more well known as wave shooters. So it seems right.
– I haven’t been keeping detailed notes while working on the front end (there would be too many and not that useful for readers) but I’ve been tweaking and testing the import, found a few mistakes in the spreadsheet while going but the data is coming in nice and clean on all the games now.
– There are about 200 columns of data per game
– Decided to just go with a wordpress for the prototype to get something out in a couple days. I already own plugins I had to get for other work that make the import, custom post types and taxonomies super easy. Remember when I had to hack all that together by hand lol the 2000s were a different time.
– Post Types/taxonomies/etc were all set up yesterday, along with much of the php templates. I’m making a theme pretty much from scratch, since that’s the fun part and I don’t need a lot of bullshit other themes have. Modern CSS makes a lot of scripting unneeded and I’m making it from the bottom up with the intention of responsive display of a huge amount of data.
– Honestly don’t know if we actually ‘need’ a better backend since most of it will be cached, it’s set to auto update every night from the google sheet, and redirects to the google sheet row when attempting to edit. And I can update css/php via ftp. Basically no one will ever be logged into the backend lol
– Populated all blank cells with – for generated numbers we don’t have yet (need other numbers or survey to fill) and with ? for metadata fields that need data added. This helps in the front end too.
– Made columns for a custom header background image (I don’t want it to look scraped, though I do want to use the dev’s thumbnail from steam for the main image because it usually shares update notes / evolves as the game goes) (pulls from the name to generate a .jpg so I can just throw stuff in a folder without touching anything but ftp)
– Made a column for hyphen-seperated-slug