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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

11/24/2023 Update

– Gonna spend today on making the data more accessible, visualizations, perhaps prototype front end
– Small updates to Halls of Torment meta info (more achievements and characters)
– Added HoloCure UI walkthrough notes from Genki
– Added more meta info to Time Survivors from dev/research
– Renamed spreadsheet chat in discord to spreadsheet work journaling, added questions and feedback chat
– Added game suggestions channel to discord by request
– Added spreadsheet fun chat channel to discord
– Added category score totals section and populated it with formulas and conditional formatting, wrote/fixed related headers and spacing
– Added scatterplot cateories, formula and formatting
– Streamlined and cleaned up the conditional formatting behind the scenes
– added export meta rows and columns (will be hidden whenever I’m not working on them. these make exporting and importing the data to a variety of systems extremely easy with machine-readable-variable-labels
– (if you want to see / help with these columns I think you have to be logged into google to click and expand them, though you can always see the arrow to indicate they are there)
– added documentation at bottom of key for all non header corresponding export labels like “row-type” or “meta-row”
– filled in the meta column headers for all columns (pretty self explanatory, each one should match the human readable header)
– Filled in a bunch of meta rows, but there’s a good day left on those before the export is in tip top shape
– Hid all the meta rows and headers, will likely leave them hid when I’m not working on them
– Made some rudimentary visualizations and spent a while sharing stuff in the discord chat
– Tested 3d plotting w plotly
– Set up subdomain and basics for site