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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

11/23/2023 Update

– FULLY filled Vampire Survivors, Halls of Torment including all new columns below
– Added dev meta notes / updates to Keeper’s Toll, PhaigeX
– Re-ranked PhaigeX, Keeper’s Toll, it’s less similar now due to adding a dodge
– Added control style and auto features notes to Rogue Genesia, Gunlocked, Boneraiser Minions
– Added “Hub World / Hub Zone”, PWU to defined terms
– Added forum, subreddit, wiki and moved discord to community column group. I was just getting tired of constantly googling these things while updating / checking other columns.
– Added Accessibility columns
– I think that covers all the accessibility requests I’ve gotten
– Added UI/UX Study / Menu walkthrough columns
– Added Playable Game Content, In Game Extras & Lore written columns (agan data basically in the scale, but let’s write out all the details for reference.)
– Will add some stuff to the form that can be added with checkboxes, but I’m really trying to keep a speed run time of it under 5 minutes, so I’ll save most of the UI walkthroughs for myself. (It’s something I’ve ended up kind of doing with devs wanting feedback and I was already noting some stuff, so that ones is just to organize that stuff).
– Tried out a few different orders for column groups, still getting feedback
– Added spacing between some column groups
– Added an FAQ tab. Added “Why are there unrelated games?”, “Why is this a spreadsheet?” and “Why are you using google sheets?”
– Added some discord channels for devs to help each other work on stuff
– Adjusted total similar game count to 825+ since 10 are very different ones included to test the scale.