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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

11/21/2023 Update

– Added Evil Robots, Asteroids… But Roguelite to released
– Added Survivors Last Stand to Early Access released
– Added Survivors of Mayhem to upcoming
– Moved Elewar: Fused Survivors to released
– Updated Returnal’s rank based on corrected feature score
– Added In Leaderboards, Run Progression, Keyboard Only, and Control Style columns. Added Titles and descriptions to meta category groups. Moved the control questions together. Rearranged the run and run time questions into appropriate order and sections.
– Added form fields to the survey for the new columns, tried to make as much of it into multiple choice as possible so this thing isn’t a pain to fill out
– Added meta notes (game mode, controls, run time) for Pandora, HoloCure, BioPrototype, Returnal, Elewar: Fused Survivors, Fantasy Survivors, Elemental Survivors, Saikyo Robots
– Replaced “unreleased” and “n/a” text in the steam review columns for upcoming games with a blank gray, since the text was messing up the order when people attempt to sort by the highest numbers first.