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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

11/20/2023 Update

– Added metaprogression and unlocks column. Ok, that’s adding all the requested columns for real this time. Sorry I forgot that one.
– Added how to help channel on discord w instructions on how to update the spreadsheet and submit survey data
– Added Cube Battlefield: 2048
– Scored Crimsonland by dev submitted scorecard
– Scored Ember Knights, Tesla Vs. Lovecraft by player submitted scorecard
– Review scaled Noobs Want to Live by player submitted scorecard
– Ranked Voidigo by player submitted scorecard and review
– Added Run Time / Game Mode notes for Vampire Survivors, Rogue: Genesia, Void Scrappers, Voidigo, Riftbreaker, Loop Hero, Path of Exile, Crimsonland, Soundodger 2, Noxious Weeds, Test Lab Inc, Bore Blasters, Ember Knights, Tesla Vs. Lovecraft