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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

11/19/2023 Update

– Ranked Crypt of the Necrodancer with the help of some dedicated fans in the games’ discords
– Scored Tiny Rogues, Geometry Arena 2 by fan reviewer submitted scorecard
– Scored HaHa by dev submitted scorecard
– Added Xenoraid: The First Space War, Swarm Survivor, ULTRAFUN
– Looked over the weekly r/rogueish releases by u/TyrianMollusk
– Added Pixel Gun Master, Space Killer, Deleted, Hell Grinder
– Added The Last World, Devil Slot Machine, Cosmic Cursor, Cataclysm Survivors to upcoming with demo section
– Moved Cell Survivors, added Gunfield, Tribes & Monsters to Early Access releases
– Moved Lizard Survivors, added Zombie City Rescue, Zombie Sanctuary:Juliet, Thriller Garden to released
– Contacted a bunch of devs and user forums/discords to get more info on related games (maybe about 150-200 games have had feedback/advice sought so far, goal is to check over every game in the list, of course, to make sure there are less chances of me making mistakes.)
– Added a ton of columns based on user feedback (just decided to add all the ones people have asked for over the last couple months at once)
– Added Metacritic score category columns (critic and user review averages, amount of reviews, average and combined mean columns), which are not currently used in calculating the ranking, but could be if people keep pushing for the idea
– Conditional formatting, styling and formulas for the metacritic columns
– Gathered Metacritic info for all the currently ranked games that have it
– Added “Mouse Only” column to supported controls/platforms group, started filling it (help!)
– Added Run Time / Round Notes column
– Added Speed Modifiers column
– Added Included Game Modes column
– Added Tutorial notes column
– Grouped those columns along with Run Time in a new “Run Time and Game Modes” section of the meta info
– Updated feature survey to get allow for information for the new columns
– Added tiny explanation text to the primary ranking columns
– Changed “Totally Free!” to “Free!” through the spreadsheet based on user feedback (it matches how steam marks these games) but some may actually be “Free to Play” which is different. So far only Paths of Exile was changed to “Free to Play”, but let me know if I need to change others
– Mailed follow up run time questions to the folks who filled the survey before I changed all the above
– Moved existing run time notes into the appropriate columns
– Updated game count. 820+ games!