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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

11/18/2023 Update

– Scored Clawed Cult, Noxious Weeds by dev scorecard
– Did “the math” and added an explanation for how everything is tallied and why to the Explainer tab
– Added “percent similar” column to front of sheet
– Added math notes to total scores section headers
– Added point score columns (for alternate sorting method, by adding all the points)
– Styled all 7 new columns and pasted the formulas throughout. At some point we’ll likely decide to hide some of these.
– Set up weekly “Review” thread via auto-mod on r/survivorslikes. Review scores and notes and any opinions shared will be taken into account for our subjective scoring, so it’s not just me personally. Also adding a reminder to use the review form, so we’ll start getting some review notes authored by other players in the sheet.