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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

11/17/2023 Update

– “Ranking” Column: After feedback, revised sheet to sort once again by a combination of the similarity scale and reviews
– Adjusted order to be correct by “ranking score”
– Very significant adjustments to the ranking based on review scores to help make the new order make sense and fixes to comparisons (many of the comparison score adjustments were going to happen when the scoring guide finished, but just made them now when I was looking through)
– Made “released” section for dev scorecard scored games, since they have steam reviews which highly modify their sort order compared to the games without steam reviews. Moved the appropriate games to their sections
– Lots of minor adjustments
– So now all the fully ranked games have totally different positions and a new ranking score! Hopefully it all seems to make sense! Basically games under 5.0 shouldn’t really be recommendations for people looking for the next survivors-like game, either because they are an OK game that’s not very similar or all the way to being a bad game that also doesn’t share features. Still technically possible to get a negative score, but will be pretty rare.
– Updated explainer with ranking notes, there will probably be mistakes around the place about how things are ranked, please point them out to me if you see any
– Went through the whole reviewed section going “would I recommend trying this one before this one to fans of Vampire Survivors?” and it feels I could say yes to each one, so I guess it’s right?
– Made review scale form and made review-form subdomain, added link to comparison scale form, scorecard and subreddit sidebar. will probably take 24 hours for DNS / security certificate to update on the subdomain, so queued announcement about it for tomorrow
– Various styling fixes