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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

11/13/2023 Update

– Ranked and Reviewed Legend of Feather, Bio Prototype
– Still sick with COVID but found a few games via u/TyrianMollusk’s weekly post at r/rogueish and my steam queue
– Added Test Lab Inc., Black Gunner Wukong, Cast Out Colony to Upcoming with Demos section
– Scored Test Lab Inc by dev scorecard
– Added Black Journey to the West, DOUDINGMAN, Monster Coming to Upcoming Without Demos
– Combined Gatekeeper and “Gatekeeper:Infinity” since infinity is just the prologue, moved it to Demos section
– Moved When The Light Dies to demo released section
– Added Defense Protocol, Guns and Rush, Monsters and Spirits, Hyperlight Survivor, Poly
– Moved Fellowship to released
– Added r/BioPrototype link to reddit sidebar
– Separated out games scored via dev card and games scored via dev card that have review data I’m currently working on (mostly just to not lose track of the games I’m close to being able to move up to the main section)
– We’ve reached 800 similar games on the spreadsheet! 64 fully reviewed, 120 ranked by features on the comparison scale. Over 70 developer surveys and interviews!