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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

11/11/2023 Update

– Removed Necrosmith 1 & 2 (too different to be a priority in comparing), put on to do list
– Today marks 1 month working on this particular google sheet! And it’s in a good place to move from “main project I’m doing as a kind of vacation” to “project I update in my spare time”. Over 100 games fully compared on our scale, with over 70 having data inclusive of developer surveys and/or interviews. Expect less huge updates, just rolling ones as I manage to get enough playtime into games to review them. Next time I have a real ‘vacation’ I’ll probably do another round of contacting devs for surveys and do a bulk update then. Rushing it too much is going to make me hate the genre, so I’ve got to take a bit of a break to play something else haha