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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

11/1/2023 Update

– Added “Run Time” column to spreadsheet
– Added “Run Time” to definitions
– Created discord and linked in spreadsheet header
– Created shortlink discord.survivorslikes.com and linked it in subreddit header and sidebar
– Created discord channels for various topics
– Reordered “other details” meta categories to put Run Time, Multiplayer and NSFW first
– Ranked M.O.O.D.S., Pandora, Ragnarok Survivors: Valhalla, Need for Cheese, Arcadium – Space Odyssey, Bullet Bunney via dev submitted scorecard
– Started Ranking Crafty Survivors, Nordic Ashes based on u/Silver721 form submitted scorecards and Enter the Gungeon from gameplay
– Added Earl vs. The Mutants, 轮回序列 Samsara Agent, Radio Silent, TH3-M15 GUILD, Don’t Die Collect Loot, Time To Strike, HaHa, YouTuber Survivors, Too Many Cooks, Can Strike, Alien Hominid: Invasion
– Added various metadata via user (Genki) comments