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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

10/31/2023 Update

– Changed heatmap color for similarity from Green to BLUE to indicate it’s not a judgement of how good the game is.
– Added additional mini-review subjectivity disclaimer and authorship note to first column
– Revised “Worth Playing” column section to generate score only based on the three review columns (the category based review scale, steam average reviews, and personal review). A game could be totally different and worth playing. It’s ok to make readers check two columns before deciding to play, too weird to be figuring the similarity scale into the reviews directly.
– Added Talented to coming soon section
– Added fan submitted info for Elemental Survivors, will review it alongside dev submitted info and revise
– Ranked Shoot 1UP, Fallen Force by dev submitted scorecard
– Added Enemy Hell to definitions
– 400 members in the subreddit! That’s great for just a couple days