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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

10/30/2023 Update

– Added Tiny Survivors, Vradark’s Revenge, GunDeck[100], Bore Blasters, Circle the Wagons
– Ranked Bore Blasters, Elemental Survivors based on dev submitted scorecards
– Created Scoring in Progress Section so it’s clear what ones I’m making notes on that aren’t really decided yet.
– Tweaked subreddit styling to have all tags be the same less intrusive color as it was making the sub look a little too spammy and hard to read
– Based on dev questions and feedback started a step by step scoring guide with examples. It’s a big job so will probably take several days of work.
– Finished the layout for the self scoring guide and each term definition. Completed examples for the first 8 categories (Genre)