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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

10/29/2023 Update

– Scaled Hive Jump Survivors, Swarmcade, Survivor Mercs based on dev submitted scorecard
– Added metadata for Pesticide Not Required, Elewar: Fused Survivors, BloodDome99, Feisty Fauna, Roboom, BloodDome Classic, Hero Survival
– Added Bing in Wonderland, DoughNuts, Police Heroes, Solbane, Crystalis Descendant, Paper Nebula, Binding of Elements
– Added “top down or isometric” tags to previously ranked games that it applies to
– Added new.survivorslikes.com subdomain as a shortcut to new posts on the sub (and a couple other mod only subdomains to help make things easier). Tweaked r/survivorslikes sidebar wiki links.