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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

10/26/2023 Update

– Moved Nimrods to Upcoming with Demo section
– Added Steam Tag Research Tab
– Added Key & Definitions Tab
– Renamed Notes & Terms to Spreadsheet Explainer
– Added “Suggested Tags” category
– Filled out genre tags for all ranked games
– Added spreadsheet tabs as “wiki” to subreddit header links
– Added Ruiga Pirates, Uber Destruction, Relinked, Gem Defender: Soyjak Survivors, Algor PEW PEW, Doughbee, Gore Storm, 2 Minutes 16 Seconds, Conquer Humanity, Drift Survivor, Hope’s Final Defense, Project Romboid, Cosmic Carnage, Broodstar, Symmodance
– Fix links to google sheets on reddit by linking to published pages instead
– Wrote out 7000 freaking words defining over 100 terms and scale categories on the new definitions tab
– Edited and removed duplicate definition sections from Explainer tab
– Added “help us score this game!” links to unscored games