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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

10/23/2023 Update

– Scaled Dead Cells, Dwarf Fortress, Star Survivor, Gunlocked, Assault Android Cactus, Time Survivors, Disfigure
– Added dev submitted info for Roboom
– Added fan submitted scorecard info for Hero Survival
– Tweaked Brotato scores based on feedback
– Added Early Access release dates to fully released tiles
– Added In Progress Section
– Added Just Shapes & Beats, Helldivers (and more to possible to do list section)
– Styling fixes, reduced font size on notes/explanation section
(Late night updates)
– Scaled Nomad Survival
– Adjusted Time Survivors based on dev responses to questions
– Created r/survivorslikes for on topic discussion (doesn’t really perfectly fit anywhere else)