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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

10/22/2023 Update

– Attending Roguelike Celebration conference day 2!
– Finished scorecard formatting
– Added Endless Spaceship, Bounda Forever, Across the Void, Ducklyte, Scrapple, Strike Buster Prototype, Valkyrie Champions, Jylko: Through the Song, Madville
– Added Heatmap tab
– Scaled Hero Siege, Soulstone Survivors
– Added Dwarf Fortress to test the scale
– Various copy updates, scale tweaks based on feedback. Added and revised some essay sections based on questions, please poke me if it’s rambly or unclear!
– Revised Auto column to “Auto-Battler / Auto-Shooter” to sidestep debate about what attacks are melee, summon, etc. Also inclusive of other gameplay modes, this column is just about the automation aspect of things, not how many bullets (its own column)