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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

10/21/2023 Update

– Revised Reality Break scoring
– Various copy tweaks and additions
– Spent the day learning at Roguelike Celebration conference!
– Added Universe Treasure, Nation Red, For Sparta, Elewar: Fused Survivors
(late night updates)
– Added Scrumlords, I Made This Game In 3 Days, Swarmsurge, Deep Nest, Culinary Survivors, Eldritch Exterminators, Crocogame, Star Farmer, Mechs Vs. Bugs, Girls and Robots, DawnOfCombat, Horde Fighter 2D, 9th Sentinel Sisters, Leave Panda Away, Last Hopeless, Warf, Zombie Sanctuary: Arelia, Interstellar Rogue, Dungeon and Craft, Animal Academy, Swarmrider Omega, Mercenaries of the Kingdom: First Blood,A Priest Walks Into A Graveyard, Cosmo Rider, Gnostic: Survivors, Night Watch, The golden girl pulls and licks the dog, Nova Strike, Nightshift Survival, Surviving Hunter, I Toaster, Swordship, Bockito, Souls Survivors, SpeedOverflow, Cute Animals and Heavy Guns, Kill the Cute, Rescue to the Parallel, Waspkeeper, Slice It Down, Tight Ride, Don’t Shit On My #!$@& Roof
– Put a bunch of other related stuff on the maybe todo list. Mostly just from steam browsing.
– Wrote out scale on the notes page, edited and updated terminology section
– Added and formatted score card