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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

10/18/2023 Update

– Added Zombie Party, Infinite Tao, Overture, Dungeon Souls, Realm of the Mad God Exalt, Nuclear Throne, Teleglitch, Project Starship X, Blacksea Odyssey, AK-xolotol, Airheart, Steredenn, Hellmut, Neurovoider, Riddled Corpses, Heroes of Hammerwatch, Lovecraft’s Untold Stories, Blazing Beaks, Atomicrops, Godstrike, Iron Crypticle, Voidigo, It Comes in Waves (mostly not movement focused bullet heavens, many bullet hells, but come up in steam reccs or are rogue-lite shooters, will rank and see how they fall for people.)
– Added Wizard of Legend, Neon Abyss, Rogue Legacy (and same entry for 2, since they’re so similar mechanics-wise), Dead Cells, to rank a couple other sidescroller rouge-lites. Dead Cells has a Castlevania DLC now!
– Added Gunfire Reborn, Roboquest, Deadlink, Battle Shapers, Immortal Redneck, Strafe, Void Bastards, Mothergunship as some FPS rogue-lites to scale
– Added Trigger Witch, Nex Machina, Geometry Wars, Waves, Waves 2, Yet Another Zombie Defense games as top down shmups that are twin stick shooters but not rogue-lites, these should rank fairly low since they use trigger and aren’t rogue-lites. I wish Super Stardust was on steam!
– Added Rogue to test the scale and out of curiosity
– Added Lizard Survivors, Skybreakers, Deep Rock Rogue Core to upcoming games
– Currently about 540 games on the sheet! I think we’re ready to start going through and ranking.
– Found another spreadsheet where someone was tracking about 40 VS-likes, but it only had one game new to me unfortunately. Added Razerwire to list
– Refined labels on several scale categories, such as “damage on touch” clarification on Bullet Heaven B and “Short Runs” clarification on “One More Run”
– Refined header text
– Added Developer & Publisher metadata columns
– Moved some of the metadata columns around
– Scaled Risk of Rain 2, Rogue Legacy, Halls of Torment, Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde, Boneraiser Minions
(late night updates)
– Scale Revision: Combined “functional polish” with “technical check” since they serve the same purpose really and everything had the same score in each
– Scale Revision: That made room for a point either in genre or movement noting the game has a focus on a single player character (or a single point that you control with multiple characters supporting like Boneraiser Minions or Bardbarian) with the camera following the PC, noted it as “Direct Control Single Avatar (Camera Usually Centered on Player)” for now. This is to differentiate from, say, an isometric game that is an auto battler you don’t directly control, or an RTS style isometric game.
– Revised all scaled games in line with above changes, resulted in slight score differences but no changes in the ranking.
– Considered adding The Dungeon Beneath, Hadean Tactics, Astronarch, Despot’s Game, Godhood, Tavern of Gods, Outcasts of Orion, Legendary Creatures 2, Tower of Chaos, Dungeon 100, Mage & Monsters, Gladiator Guild Manager, and Merge & Blade as Rogue-lite Auto-Battlers
– Decided to just add The Dungeon Beneath, Dungeon 100, Astronarch and Mage and Monsters for now, since they all had VS mentioned in user reviews, put the others on the notes tab
– Added Hero Survival, The Crackpet Show, Rungore, Devader, Juicy Realm