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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

10/11/2023 Update

– Started with trying to rank my personal list
– Shared my top list on reddit and asked reddit for advice on what to try (lots of discussion)
– Games featured on that list: Nova Drift, Time Wasters, Rogue:Genesia (top 3 by playtime), Spirit Hunters, 20 Minutes to Dawn, Scarlet Tower, Star Survivor, Soulstone Survivors, Spellbook Demonslayers, Bio Prototype, Void Scrappers, Halls of Torment, Boneraiser Minions
– Other games I mention having tried but not being in my top: Brotato, Bardbarian, Bounty of One, Crafty Survivors, Gunlocked, Keeper’s Toll, Neon Sundown, Nomad Survival, Nordic Ashes, Noobs Want to Live, Repetendium, RICE, Samurai Survivors, Striving For Light: Survival, Swarm Grinder, Time Survivors
– The above games made up the first draft of the ranking list and helped define the features for “what is a survivors-like” and compare/contrast to Vampire Survivors