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Here are the update notes imported from the spreadsheet!

1/2/2024 Update

– Quick tweak to explainer pages which simply hides the sidebar when you’re on a small window (horizontally speaking). The sidebar just contains the menu (same as the pop out menu) and some notes about the scale also mentioned elsewhere, so it’s kind of fine to just hide it at the moment. Some funcitonality might be moved below the post content later, or have a different thing available on small screens.
– Fixed funparade highscore table submit code! you can now submit your high scores, but don’t remember to read the name of each game and check them out after enjoying the art!! Support the artists and devs!
– Disabled caching on leaderboard page
– Fixed patch feed ‘category’ archives to go to the updates feed with the correct category highlighted. this concerns the patch note feed categories (seeing all the updates we’ve imported for whichever game)
– Manually ran the patch feed import from the backend (will be a few weeks before I get the time to finish the automation unless someone is a good cron job troubleshooter)
– Manually ran a function to delete some duplicate imported patch notes (known issue, manually handling it for now)
– Made notes for a bunch of games to add/update, still need to get to pending dev surveys. A little distracted by my partner and I’s upcoming move but I’ll get on them soon promise!