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Space Mercenary Defense Force » Zombie Killer Module Pack – 0.9.4

This is the final module pack update before launch bringing 4 newly inspired offensive modules!

New Modules
Ray Gun Shooter Module
  • Fires a burst of piercing rays, dealing increased damage after each hit
  • Upgrade to increase piercing damage, accuracy, fire rate, damage or bursts, pack for all stats up, & more!
  • Strongest through all stages of the game

Cosmic Retriever Module
  • Throws a piercing tomahawk that returns and homes towards enemies on the way back
  • Upgrade to increase damage, homing, shot speed & range, pack for increased area damage, & more!
  • Strongest in the early-mid game

Electro Zapper DG2 Module
  • Fires an arcing beam of electricity that damages and ionises nearby enemies
  • Upgrade to increase arc range, number of arcs, ionise duration, pack to ignite nearby enemies upon arcing, & more!
  • Strongest in the mid-late game

E.T. Paralyser Module
  • Fires a slowing beam that decelerates enemies and rapidly damages once they stop
  • Upgrade to increase beam duration, deceleration rate, beam width or beam length, pack to increase damage, & more!
  • Strongest in the mid game