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Zombie Hunter » “Zombie Hunter-Survivor” is released on September 29, 2022!

In 2065 AD, Hader, a doctor of evil biological research, extracted biological genes from the legendary vampire Duke Phyllis for scientific research, and achieved amazing results three years later. Worried that the wealthy people from all over the world will gradually end their lives, Dr. Harder won the stellar research award of the year for this reason, which was unparalleled for a while. But Harder was not satisfied with this. He was perfectionist and wanted to further improve the effect. Gradually out of control, he began to use living people for research and mastered the mysteries. He thought it was the most perfect dose of genetic medicine. However, there was an extremely terrifying side effect, that is, loss of consciousness and infection. Harder could no longer control the loss of consciousness of the genetic medicine, and finally rushed to an assistant and bit him. The assistant who should have died immediately was in 3. Hours got back on his feet and infected more people. . .

As the captain of the defense team, Leiman was instructed to block and clean up all the zombies in Normandy, while his technical supporter Ellie continued to provide genetic medicines to enhance the activity of human life, and the battle began!